Saturday, May 1, 2010

ScrapMatters Site Issues

I am so very sorry that many of you are experiences problems at ScrapMatters. They are working on the problem. The site owner, Andrea, wanted us to pass along this message to all of you.

I am so sorry everyone. I have no idea why we are having so many server issues. We have a huge dedicated server, that seems to handle everything just fine and then we have a sale and our site crashes. I have called our host and had them make some changes that will hopefully keep things moving. Tonight the site will be down from 1-5 am EST so that our hosting company can add 2gb ram to our server.

Last night I stayed up until 3 am setting download links, and fixing queued and not processed orders. I hope to get the rest of them finished tonight and tomorrow. We will continue to honor sale prices if you are unable to get through. Everyone will get their download links--we want you to have your products as much as you do.

Again I am so sorry about this. Thanks so much for your business and your patience.
Andrea aka Andilynn

I apologize for the inconvenience and I truly hope this solves the problems once and for all!

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