Saturday, February 20, 2010

Man In The Moon Designs TOU

By downloading this product you are obtaining a “license to use” these graphic images and designs and are agreeing to the following terms.


This Product Is For Personal Use Only!

This product has been made by Rochelle Hall. It is for your own personal use, and may not be used in any commercial way.

You may not offer them in any other graphics collection, on a website, or individually, either for sale or free, create a competing product from them to sell or redistribute, and are not allowed to trade or share this product. You may not add to or distort, alter or re-color any graphic and claim them as your own. You may not make any graphics into tubes or brushes and redistribute them in any way. Do not use these images for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or for any other purpose that is prohibited by law.

Feel free to alter these images to fit your scrapbooking needs, including resizing, recoloring and cropping as long as credit is given to the designer. If you use these graphics in a layout submitted to an online gallery, magazine or other publication you must give credit to Rochelle Hall (

Scrap for hire is okay as long as your clients are given in flattened jpg files, or prints AND that you are making unique pages for each client.

Thank you for your purchase! Enjoy!

Rochelle Hall

of Man In the Moon Designs

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